Paulo Kijuu, a Rangi speaker and translator, has been transformed by working closely with God’s Word. He is passionate about sharing the gospel with his people. The JESUS film was recently completed in Rangi, and Kijuu often rides his motorcycle to villages to show the film. 

He recently traveled to a village which has historically been resistant to receiving the gospel. That evening Kijuu texted a teammate, asking for prayer… 

People had arrived to see the film, but the battery was not working on the projector. A short while later, Kijuu texted back with the solution. He had taken the battery out of his motorcycle and used it to run the projector — leaving himself without transportation if something had gone wrong. 

More than two hundred people were able to see the JESUS film that evening. Kijuu has received numerous invitations to return and show the film again. 

Praise God for Kijuu’s boldness, courage, and passion to share the love of Christ to those who do not yet know Jesus as Lord. It is exciting to see God at work in their hearts. We are also thankful for partnership with The JESUS Film Project, and the powerful way God uses that film to reach the unreached.

This story was written for SIL Tanzania by:

Michelle Haupt (Scripture Engagement Team, Dodoma Region)

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