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Jesus is God and Man – but Not a Pumpkin!

As the Rangi people of central Tanzania work to complete the New Testament in their own language very soon, the labor of extensive “final checks” proves to hold both significant challenges and unexpected rewards. Even while the community held a read-through of the whole NT, Rangi Translators struggled to include important updates and corrections. So they trained one of their Literacy workers to help – and she quickly found something they had all missed…

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Church-based youth programme hosts encore workshops for youth literacy

Hundreds of Burunge and Rangi children, and even some of their parents, are learning to read their own language. Just months since SIL partnered with Compassion International to offer youth literacy workshops in those communities, four church-based programmes were once again filled with students eager to gain new language skills…

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“Jesus and I are not just friends, we are one thing…”

“I’ve heard John 15:5 many times, in Swahili and English,” said Paulo Kijuu, a Rangi translator. “But the expression of ‘abiding in Jesus’ is not clear to Rangi speakers.” The team began to search for a way to make the meaning clear. “When we found it,” said Kijuu, “my eyes got teary because I could picture my own relationship with Jesus. I could feel his love…”

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Youth literacy fueled by five-way partnership

School children in the Burunge and Rangi language communities enjoyed literacy classes in their own language at simultaneous workshops. “It was fun to watch them follow in their new reading primers,” said a guest from funding partner Wycliffe USA. Instructors from SIL taught the lessons at an after-school program operated by Compassion International…

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