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Jesus is God and Man – but Not a Pumpkin!

As the Rangi people of central Tanzania work to complete the New Testament in their own language very soon, the labor of extensive “final checks” proves to hold both significant challenges and unexpected rewards. Even while the community held a read-through of the whole NT, Rangi Translators struggled to include important updates and corrections. So they trained one of their Literacy workers to help – and she quickly found something they had all missed…

New Testament completed in Nyakyusa language

Rain kept down the crowd’s numbers, but not their joy. Sheltered inside a church-within-a-church, Nyakyusa speakers used this day of singing and dancing, preaching and feasting to celebrate their newly translated Scriptures “even our children can understand!”

Children help test translated Scripture

Translators recently took their draft of Mark’s Gospel into six Jita villages. As they tested the Scripture with groups of volunteers, passing children grew curious. “It’s not the first time,” said Magesa, a Jita translator. “They were surprised to hear us reading in their language, so they came closer and sat down…”

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