written by Chris Gilmore (work role)

One source of joy has been my “Reading Glasses Ministry” to the community around us. An optometrist in the USA donated a box full of reading glasses for us to distribute freely to those having difficulty reading due to their eyesight. 

I had no idea what a joy this ministry would be until my first customer came to the door. His name was Lukasi, an older gentleman who had walked to us from a neighboring village about three kilometres away. I brought out different strengths of glasses and had him try each one. When he could see for the first time he smiled SO big.

“Ninaweza (I am able)!” he shouted. “Ninaweza! Tafadhali lete Biblia!” (Please bring me a Bible!)

So I brought him a Swahili Bible, and he was excited that he could read even the small words. He was so proud that he began reading out loud for all to hear. He went away so happy and it just made my day. With his permission, I took this picture so you could see him with his new glasses (and his new smile) on.

photo above: Lukasi was overjoyed to be able to see and read the Scriptures. (photo: Chris Gilmore)