The sound system was set up and previously recorded Burunge songs began to fill the air.  The dedication was held on the football field which is right next to the weekly market location, so throughout the day many people passing by came over to find out what was happening. Pastor Emmanuel Doe opened the event by gathering the crowd to perform a traditional dance. 

Then all the honored guests were welcomed and a number of them were asked to share a few words.  We had representatives from various Christian denominations, government officials, and even an honored guest from the Muslim community.  After the introductions, the choirs began to perform.  Local church choirs had been asked to prepare new songs from the texts of the newly translated Scripture portions. 

Their joy was contagious as they danced and sang, accompanied by calabash and friction drums.

Later, Pastor Doe preached a message from 1 Timothy in Burunge.  It was obvious that he had the crowd’s complete attention.  One older man sat listening with tears rolling down his cheeks.  Pastor Doe clearly explained the Gospel and told of God’s great love for all people.  The sermon was also translated into Swahili for non-Burunge speakers. 

To close the event, portions of the new books were read aloud by members of the community.  It was such a blessing for our literacy workers to hear people reading new portions of Scripture in Burunge. All the church leaders then gathered together, prayed over the books, and dedicated them to Lord. After the dedication, people were able to purchase their own copies from a book table. 

Praise the Lord for a fantastic celebration and an opportunity to thank our Lord for His work among the Burunge people!  Pray that the Lord would use these Scriptures mightily to strengthen Burunge Christians.  Pray also that, in turn, they would boldly proclaim what God has done in their lives so others would come to know Him.