God’s Word, in nine local languages, reaches out more often than ever…

“One day I was busy editing some audio files in my office,” said Vernacular Media Specialist Jo Clifford. “A colleague knocked on my door to introduce two guests. They were staff members from a radio station here in Mbeya. 

“They had heard that we produce radio programmes, and came to ask if we might be interested in broadcasting with them. But this is not a Christian station — so I was quite surprised, as our programme content is mainly mother tongue Scripture. 

“First, I asked them how much it would cost. They conferred with the manager of the station, and came back with an offer: three programmes weekly, for the same price as other radio stations in the area have been broadcasting for us just once each week. 

“Next, I wondered if they really wanted to broadcast our programmes. So I sent sample programmes to the station manager. He called me back within the hour. He was very excited, because the programmes which I had sent happened to be in his own mother tongue. 

“He then added to his offer: if we have any new products, such as Scripture books or audio CDs, he will personally advertise them on his own programme every Saturday morning. 

“We now have a contract for one year, to broadcast mother tongue Scripture in all the languages of Mbeya Region — on a secular radio station which reaches about three million people!”

This story was written for SIL Tanzania by:

Kenny Grindall (Communications Coordinator)

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