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Discourse analysis

When we understand how a Sandawe sentence, thought, or story is structured, when we can compare our translation of Scripture to other ‘natural’ text in the language, then we can use what we learn to make God’s word in Sandawe more natural and easy to read…

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Translation work begins

I’m helping the Sandawe team work on Genesis (spelling, punctuation). When we got to the “let there be light” verse, I was reminded of another. I’d heard it during the last service I attended at my home church in England before coming out to Tanzania…

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Reading Glasses

Serving the Zinza community around us with reading glasses has been a great joy. One day, an older man walked three kilometres to ask our help. When he saw clearly for the first time, he smiled and shouted, “Please, bring me a Bible!”…

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About the Temi translation project

The translation office has been built, with the help of many teams, both young and old! Work has progressed, and several books of the Bible have been printed.  But what to do when the project funds are cut? In answer to this dilemma…

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Zinza calendar

Many Zinza speakers are seeing their language in print for the first time. The translation team has produced a calendar with Bible verses on each month. One woman was so proud she could read them…

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“How the Alagwa came to be”

This cultural “history of the Alagwa people” was told to a survey team by various community elders, in the Alagwa language, and later translated. What is written here is as close to what was originally said as possible…

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