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Search for JESUS film voice actors faced many challenges

Their film scripts were ready. Bende and Pimbwe translators needed voice actors from the language communities. They were delayed for months by COVID, then detoured hundreds of kilometres by washed-out road. “When we came,” said one translator, “some candidates wanted to be paid rather than volunteer.” Another added, “some follow another religion, and they were afraid that helping us might betray their own faith…”

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Konongo community already feeling positive impact of new oral translation work

“Sharing God seems easy now, with Scripture recorded in my language.” A Konongo speaker, named Lightness, took part in an Bible story-ing workshop. She has recordings on her phone, and plays them in the market. “A lot of women and children gather,” she adds, “and they enjoy listening.” Lightness has learned to narrate Bible stories orally, and lead group studies in her village. Meanwhile the new Konongo translation project works hard, encouraged by such early impact…

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New oral translation begins in Ruwila community

The Ruwila language community has begun translation work as part of the Katavi Cluster Project. After initial community partner planning meetings, the team decided to use Render, an innovative computer software for oral translation. Nine Ruwila speakers took part in a weeks-long workshop training for the task ahead…

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