New teachers eager to put new skills in practice  

Mugumu Village, Ikoma language community — Transitional literacy has seen encouraging progress in the Ikoma and Nata language communities. From the SIL Mara Cluster Project in Musoma, members of the project’s Community Engagement team have completed training workshops for 19 participants who will now teach other adults to read and write in their own language.

During the week-long workshops for Ikoma and Nata speakers who had already learned to read their language, the SIL team trained them how to teach the writing system and how to organise informal classes. “They were very excited,” said Neema (SIL Literacy team). “They promised to go and use what they learned.” 

Soon after the training, an SIL team returned for follow-up meetings with the new teachers. “It had only been a week,” said Neema, “and many of them had already started a transitional literacy class in their own village!”

This story was written for SIL Tanzania by:

Kenny Grindall (Communications Coordinator)

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