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Old calendar leads traveler to new translated Scripture

After a bus journey of hundreds of miles and several days, Batila was home. She speaks Pangwa, and in her family’s village she saw a calendar filled with writing in her language. “Are there books in Pangwa?” she asked. Soon she was reading Mark’s Gospel, and buying copies to share with her family on both sides of the country…

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Research in Tanzania supports vernacular Scripture translation

“Scripture translation into local languages may benefit communities far beyond simply increased comprehension,” according to a study which researched the sociolinguistic impact of such work in the Malila and Nyiha language communities. Findings on a range of issues led the author to make several recommendations…

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Church-based youth programme hosts encore workshops for youth literacy

Hundreds of Burunge and Rangi children, and even some of their parents, are learning to read their own language. Just months since SIL partnered with Compassion International to offer youth literacy workshops in those communities, four church-based programmes were once again filled with students eager to gain new language skills…

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Adult literacy expanding quickly in Mara Region

“They were very excited,” said Neema (SIL Literacy team). In the Ikoma language area, Neema and a colleague had been training 19 people to teach transitional literacy classes for adults in their own language. “They promised to go and use what they learned,” Neema said, “to serve their community.” When the team returned just a week later, what they found happening surprised them…

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Literacy teacher reads books to happy fishermen

“Do you have books?” the man asked. Dafrosa (SIL Literacy/SE team) was on her way to teach in a Bungu village. “Yes,” she replied. “The fishermen need some,” he said. When they arrived at the lake, Dafrosa and the Language Area Officer found a crowd who bought books and calendars. “Please read to us,” several asked, holding out their books. “I will read them all,” Dafrosa answered…

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