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Faith grows among Nyiha speakers even as they celebrate recently translated New Testament

“Scripture teaches we should love each other — that’s how this is happening!” Alongside a dusty dirt road lined with small shops, hundreds of Nyiha spent a day loudly celebrating a huge milestone in their history. “I once thought God only speaks the ‘big’ languages,” said a translator. “But now I know he speaks to all people in their own languages. From today, all Nyiha people can grow in understanding God’s Word…”

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Research in Tanzania supports vernacular Scripture translation

“Scripture translation into local languages may benefit communities far beyond simply increased comprehension,” according to a study which researched the sociolinguistic impact of such work in the Malila and Nyiha language communities. Findings on a range of issues led the author to make several recommendations…

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Six neighbouring language communities prepare to take their New Testaments across the finish line

A Scripture translation “cluster project” in southwestern Tanzania has its eyes on several major milestones. Sixteen years since work began, a group of six language projects are bringing all their New Testaments to completion. One is ready for its official launch, another is being printed and bound. Following those, four more teams are busy with final checks and typesetting. It’s an exciting time of challenges and victories as global teams lend aid and local plans are laid…

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They heard Jesus speak in their own language

Eight more teams in Mbeya Cluster Project have completed script translation for the JESUS film. Several teams checked theirs with consultants. Others then tested with reviewers. “We are delighted with the success,” said a member of one team, which held an actors’ workshop and completed their recordings. When another team’s actors watched their finished film together, it was a special moment…

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Literacy teacher reads books to happy fishermen

“Do you have books?” the man asked. Dafrosa (SIL Literacy/SE team) was on her way to teach in a Bungu village. “Yes,” she replied. “The fishermen need some,” he said. When they arrived at the lake, Dafrosa and the Language Area Officer found a crowd who bought books and calendars. “Please read to us,” several asked, holding out their books. “I will read them all,” Dafrosa answered…

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Wrestling with Paul: seven translation teams become one

In a “cluster project” of multiple languages, teams routinely help each other in many ways. But when fifteen translators on seven teams line up their desks to spend two weeks together in one room, it means something big is underway. They are joining forces to wrestle with Paul’s letter to the Romans. Inside the hall, it’s getting busy and loud…

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