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The Greatest Gift Brings the Greatest Joy

“We now have God’s Word in Simbiti!” cries a dancing man. “Simbiti people say Oye!” They shout it in response, as a growing crowd parades through the village. The long-awaited celebration of a completed New Testament for Tanzania’s Simbiti people has begun. “This day was not easy,” says one of the Translators, “but the people are very happy to see that now the Simbiti New Testament is in their hands…”

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“I see the light of God is here!”

“I’ve been a Christian a long time,” said one Sangu translator. “But working on this translation, it’s like being in a Bible school. It has shown me anew what life with Jesus is about.” At the big celebration of the completed Sangu New Testament another translator said, “I see the people receiving God’s Word… receiving God himself.”

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Newly launched Malila New Testament will reach the generations

“Truly, I feel joy, great joy,” said one Malila Translator at the celebration of the completed New Testament. “The Word of God will reach our people in the right way, and cause many to be saved and discipled. When they hear it in Swahili, sometimes they can’t understand. But now, in the language they understand, there will be great change…”

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